natural smoke exhausting

  • mcr Prosmoke smoke curtains are designed to separate smoke zones in a building. Such zones stop the spread of fire gases, which helps to keep lower parts of the building free from smoke. Properly designed and installed smoke curtains optimize the flow of hot gases to the top, where they are taken out of the building by smoke vents installed on the roof.

  • Fixed smoke curtains made of steel are one of the element of natural smoke exhaust system. Their basic function is to separate smoke zones within large halls – such as production plants or warehouses. They are perfect solution in buildings where there are no limitations of permissible load on the load-bearing building structure.

  • Flow regulator with thermal switch, also called thermal tripper is used for supplying pneumatic desmoking actuator from its integrated CO2 cartridge or CO2 installation. The released gas is directed to pneumatic smoke exhausting actuator, causing the lifting of flap.

  • Pneumatic actuator is used for opening leaf wings for ventilation and/or smoke exhausting function