natural smoke exhausting

  • mcr 0204 desmoking control unit is a control device for electric smoke exhausting system. mcr 204 unit is used for activating electric systems of MERCOR smoke exhausting system based on alarm signal from thermal or optical smoke sensors, and manual desmoking buttons (so-called manual call point buttons). The device is supplied with 230 V~ alternating current, the output operating voltage is 24 V-. The control unit includes batteries allowing for operation of the system for 72 hours from mains voltage failure - a single alarm opening of flaps or smoke windows is possible after that time.

  • mcr R-04xx expansion module is used for supplying a single group of 24V=actuators of total current consumption up to 48 A or 24 A, depending on variant.

  • actuators are used for opening flaps and windows of smoke exhausting system, as well as for daily ventilation. They are supplied by 24V- direct voltage. Casings cover is made of anodized aluminum. In standard, they feature anti-interference condenser, overload switch and limit switches.

  • are used for detecting visible smoke that appears during the majority of fires. It allows to detect smoke in its initial stage, where the material has just started to burn, which usually comes long before the outburst of open flame and the noticeable increase in temperature. The sensors feature resistance to wind, pressure changes and water vapour condensation. They have large sensitivity to visible smoke.