• mcr Polylack K – fire-proof intumescent paste

    mcr Polylack K is a supplementary product for mcr Polylack F paint, which serves the function of a filling and sealing mass. mcr Polylack K paste is used for fire-tightening of: penetrations of single cables, cable bundles, cable trays and cable ladders; combined penetrations – cables, pipes, electrical conduits; flammable pipes and non-flammable pipes in insulation.

  • mcr Polylack KG – fire-proof intumescent paste with graphite

    mcr Polylack KG paste is used for fire-tightening of: single cables and cable bundles up to Ø 100 mm; non-flammable pipes in flammable insulation up to Ø160 mm; flammable pipes up to Ø 50 mm; cables in electrical conduit up to Ø 160 mm.

  • mcr Dunaseal – fire-proof sealing tape

    The mcr Dunaseal sealing unit is designed for fire sealing construction gaps and expansion joints with a nominal width of 10÷100 mm. It permits up to 50% movement of parts.

  • mcr Polylack W - intumescent paint system for fireproofing of steel building structures

    mcr Polylack W water-based intumescent paint system is used for fireproofing of steel structures inside building objects.