• mcr LAM louvered vents

    mcr LAM louvered vents are part of natural smoke exhaust system, with principal purpose of removing hot fire gases outside building. Louvered vents produced by MERCOR are available in wide range of dimensions, types of control system and making options. mcr LAM louvered vents are CE marked in acc. to EN1201-2.

  • mcr OSO THERM 75 smoke exhaust windows


    mcr OSO THERM 75 windows are made of specially designed profiles and accessories. The system is based on sections of 75 mm structure depth, which allows for obtaining a very good thermal insulation parameter. Our range of mcr OSO THERM 75 smoke exhaust windows is characterised with diversity of solutions, thanks to which they can be used in individual assembly as well as in façade systems available on the market.

  • mcr PROLIGHT fixed skylights

    Fixed skylights mcr Prolight are designed to supply daylight to the interior of buildings. Available in various shapes and glazing options may be used in industrial or warehouse halls, on the last floors of multi-storey buildings etc. CE marked in acc. to EN 1873

  • mcr PROLIGHT roof hatch

    mcr PROLIGHT roof hatches are designed to enable access to the roof for service or maintenance purposes. Proper selection of leaf glazing also allows to light the interior of the building with natural light