mcr Polylack K – fire-proof intumescent paste

European Technical Approval ETA-18/0171

Certificate of Constancy of Performance: 1488-CPR-0680/W

Declaration of Performance: 81303

Fire resistance class up to EI 120.


mcr Polylack K is an intumescent mass in the form of dense putty The mass, after applying as a coat, or as a fill, creates a thermo-insulating foamy carbon layer on the surface heated to high temperature, which prevents burning of the polymer insulating coat at an early stage, and prevents propagation of flame along the protected surface.

The mass is used for filling in cavities, irregularities and gaps, as well as any other empty micro and macro-spaces occurring during fireproofing of installations, such as cables, cable trays and ladders, combined installation penetrations – as a supporting material – for filling and sealing. The mass is sold in 12.5 kg buckets, 600 ml foil containers and 310 ml tubes.


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  • ease of use – same proofing method for different configurations of penetrations
  • possibility of protecting combined penetrations

Technical data are available in the folder.

  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings

Barrier thicknesses (minimum):

  • 120 mm – concrete walls
  • 125 mm – drywalls
  • 150 mm – full brick and cellular concrete walls
  • 150 mm – reinforced concrete and cellular concrete ceilings