mcr PS Bandage - fire protection intumescent bandage

European Technical Approval ETA-18/0171

Certificate of Constancy of Performance: 1488-CPR-0680/W

Declaration of Performance: 84151

The mcr PS Bandage fire protection bandages are designed for fire-proofing non-flammable tube penetrations in flammable insulation made through walls and ceilings within combined penetrations, using the mcr Polylack technology.

The fire protection mcr PS Bandages are made of flexible thermoplastic tapes reinforced with fiberglass tape. The mcr PS Bandage swells when exposed to temperatures above 140°C and closes the gap formed after the elements of the installation have burnt out. The Bandage is sold in rolls of intumescent material for individual preparation for any tube size.

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  • flexibility of the band (facilitating installation for small tube diameters)
  • the roll-wound bandage enables the sealing of various-size flammable tubes without the need for prior surveys
  • low-cost protection
  • installation in combined penetrations possible

Partition thicknesses (minimum values):

  • 100 mm – rigid walls, vulnerable walls
  • 150 mm – concrete, reinforced concrete or cellular concrete ceilings