mcr iXega - fire detection and fire devices control unit

Certificate of constancy of performance 1438-CPR-0436

Certificate of approval 2539/2015


mcr iXega manages components of addressable automatic fire detection system, and coordinates operation of these devices within said system. The unit, through external detection elements (fire, smoke, temperature sensors, etc.) triggers a fire alarm and controls alarm and fire safety devices. It is also used for controlling fire barriers and gravitational desmoking systems, and delivers information to the monitoring center of building control system.

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  • modular structure - simple and quick designing of fire detection systems and controlling of devices connected to the system
  • safety – microprocessor solution for controlling fire ventilation, guaranteed by CNBOP certificate
  • reliability – built-in control of internal and external unit circuits
  • simplicity – the central unit supplies and controls all I/O external modules located on the communication bus
  • flexibility – fire propagation scenario adapted to the needs of the given building
  • versatility - control of devices triggered by current impulse and power break
  • cost optimization – modular design, allowing to obtain the optimum price-features ratio
  • quantity of addressable lines – 4
  • events memory - 2000
  • alarms memory - 9999
  • maximum number of control zones - 256

Detailed technical data are available in the folder.

  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings

Components working with the unit within the system:

  • mcr IO12 I/O modules
  • mcr IM8 multi-input modules
  • mcr OM8 multi-output modules
  • detection and executive components (e.g. smoke sensors, thermal sensors, manual call points, etc.)