mcr DOR - door-type smoke and intake damper

Key details

Fire resistance class:  EI180(ved i↔o) S1500 C300 AA multi

Dampers certified for conformance with EN 12101-8

Intended for installation in supply and smoke exhaust ventilation systems


Additional details

Dampers are classified as per EN 13501-4 and tested according to EN 1366-10



mcr DOR smoke dampers consist of a casing with a rectangular cross-section composed of fire-proof boards, a moving damper blade in the form of two wings and an automatically activated trigger and control mechanism. Special design casing with impregnated fire-proof boards are used in chemically aggressive environments. The damper casing total thickness is 110 mm. The damper blade is made of a fire-proof panel with the total thickness of 40 mm. At the corners and along the entire perimeter of the casing, there are steel reinforcements with a rivet nut system, enabling the installation of masking grilles and frames for connecting steel ventilation ducts.

  • Certificate of constancy of performance.
  • Dampers certified for compliance with EN 12101-8.
  • Classified qualified under EN 13501-4 and tested under EN 1366-10.
  • Cut-off dampers resistance independent of airflow direction and installation side.
  • Wide active surface of up to 0,7 m2.
    • Installation in minimum od 150 mm thick walls.
    • Certified installation with a system grille in set.


  • D1 variant - single-leaf damper; B x H dimensions from 200x300 mm to 750 x 1150 mm
  • D2 variant - double-leaf damper; dimensions B x H from 400x300 mm to 1150 x 1250 mm

Apart from standard dimensions, dampers can be customized to any size within the specified ranges. 

Control - activation:

  • type EM24D activating and control mechanism, equipped with a special lever and cam system, 24 V DC electromagnetic activator (controlled with current impulse) and actuating springs positioned directly on the damper barrier hinges.
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings