mcr j-FLO - comprehensive jet ventilation system for garages


Jet ventilation systems are used for desmoking underground garages as an alternative solution to conventional duct-based systems. The principle of operation of jet ventilation devices resembles a piston, in which smoke and fire gases are forced from the inflow opening to the exhaust (desmoking) opening across the entire garage.

Jet ventilation systems can also be used for comfort ventilation of garages; they co-operate with CO and LPG detection system, diluting and removing hazardous gases.


mcr j-FLO comprehensive jet ventilation system comprises:

  • inflow and exhaust principal fans (e.g. mcr Monsun, mcr Pasat and mcr Monsun R) of fire resistance F200, F300, F400, F600 (unidirectional or reversible)
  • mcr Bora jet fans of fire resistance F300, F400 (unidirectional or reversible)
  • mcr Omega units for supplying and controlling system components
  • cut-off dampers for fire ventilation systems (e.g. mcr FID S, mcr WIP, mcr WIP PRO)
  • power cables, cable organizers, electrical installation equipment
  • components of CO, LPG and smoke detection system

The configuration and quantity of system components is dependent on the surface, height, requirements, structure and location of the protected garage.

  • operating in fire ventilation, as well as comfort ventilation system
  • lowering of operating costs as a result of using lower main fans power
  • reducing garage height, and consequently reduction of costs of digging deeper excavations for a taller garage
  • absence of desmoking ducts, allowing to obtain free ceiling space - reduction of the quantity of fire dampers as a result of absence of ducts, and - consequently - reduction of control automatics
  • lower cost of jet system compared to conventional duct-based desmoking - easy identification of fire source
  • high efficiency in removing carbon oxide and propane-butane
  • lowering of temperature of fire gases, effecting in reduction of fire damage to building structure
  • easy and quick system installation

Detailed technical data of mcr j-FLO components are shown in the brochure.

  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers

mcr j-FLO comprehensive jet ventilation system for garages, activated in response to fire/smoke:

  • ensures temperature allowing for safe evacuation of garage users (below 60°C up to 1.80 m height from flooring)
  • ensures visibility allowing for safe evacuation of garage users (not lower than 10 m up to 1.80 m height)
  • facilitates rescue operations, preventing the increase of temperature beyond 100°C at over 10 m distance from fire source
  • contributes to protection of building structure by maintaining a temperature below 200°C at over 2.50 m height from flooring (in ceiling layer)