mcr PROLIGHT continuous rooflights

Continuous rooflights are the most effective method of increasing natural daylight in the interiors. Their application in large-area single-storey buildings brightens up the entire building area.

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APPLICATION IN A WHOLE RANGE OF BUILDINGS - a wide range of shapes and dimensions of Mercor daylight solutions enables their application among others in production plants, warehouses, public facility premises, shopping malls, commercial zones and sports centres.
SUPPLY OF DAYLIGHT - the application of roof skylight systems is the most efficient lighting solution to supply enough daylight to premises, which increases the comfort of the building users; it can also largely affect the energy cost-saving.
LOW HEAT TRANSFER COEFFICIENT - design of mcr PROLIGHT rooflight systems allows an exceptionally good value of heat transfer coefficient (U)
A WIDE PORTFOLIO OF OPTIONAL ELEMENTS - The offer of optional elements completes the portfolio and enables the most efficient use of mcr PROLIGHT roof skylight functions

• DL1000/ DL1125 / DL1500 / DL 2000/ DL 2050 / DL 2500 – resistance to downward loads as per EN 14963:2006,
dependent on glazing thickness
• UL 1000/ UL 1500 – resistance to pull-off loads as per EN 14963:2006, dependent on glazing thickness
• Resistance of glazing to hard body impact as per EN 14963:2006
• Resistance of glazing to large soft body impact as per EN 14963:2006 for SB300 class
• Fire performance for external fire, class BROOF(t1) as per EN 13501-5+A1:2010

  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings