mcr PROROOF roof hatch

Types of roof hatches

  • mcr Proroof LD – roof access through a ladder
  • mcr Proroof ST – roof access through stairs


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  • increased thermal properties
  • supply of day light (translucent glazing as an option)
  • uncomplicated roof access and blocking system
  • possibility of movement of large packages up and down from the roof (wide dimensions of mcr Proroof ST)

Available sizes*:

mcr Proroof LD 600 x 600 1400 x 1500
mcr Proroof ST 1500 x 750 3300 x 750

*Możliwość wykonania wymiarów pośrednich


Description of standard

  • straight base made of aluminum sheet of 2 mm thickness and 300 mm height,
  • leaf opening system: single or double gas springs for supporting opening, with fixtures,
  • leaf glazing: multi-chamber polycarbonate, multi-chamber polycarbonate with aluminum envelope cover, solid polycarbonate dome, acrylic dome, mixed dome (solid polycarbonate and acrylate), laminated panels,

Hatch making options

  • device elements painted to any RAL color from outside and/or inside,
  • optional ergonomic exit handle,
  • variable base heights within the range of 250 mm ÷ 700 mm (base of minimum height 250 mm, in making adapted to installation on existing plinth),
  • variable thermal insulation material of base,
  • adaptation of lower flange of base to specific installation requirements,
  • optional end switches for leaf (leaf position monitoring),
  • hatch making with declared soft body impact resistance up to 1200 J.