mcr PROLIGHT non-opening skylights

Types of non-opening skylights

skylights with straight base:

  • single-leaf vent, type C (squared)
  • single-leaf vent, type E (rectangular)
  • round type R

skylights with skewed base:

  • single-leaf vent, type NG-A (squared / rectangular)

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Declaration of Conformity CE 035/HO/2011

Available product dimensions

TYPE C 1000 x 1000 2000 x 2000
TYPE E 1000 x 1200 2000 x 3000
TYPE NG-A 1000 x 1000 2200 x 2200
TYPE R Ø 1000 Ø 1800


Technical description of standard

  • straight base of height 300 mm or 500 mm made of galvanized sheet of 1.25 mm thickness
  • thermal insulation of base made of hard mineral wool of thickness 20 mm
  • bottom part of the base has a circumferential flange of width 100 mm, through which the base is fitted to the roof structure,
  • leaf glazing: multi-chamber polycarbonate panel, acrylic dome, solid polycarbonate dome, surface panel, multi-chamber polycarbonate panel and single or double-layer acrylic dome or solid polycarbonate dome, multi-chamber polycarbonate panel with aluminum envelope cover and glazing of BROOF (t1) class

Optional accessoriess

  • anti- bulglar grating
  • protective net



  • custom base height
  • thermal insulation of base – remaining variants: hard mineral wood of 40 mm thickness, PIR panel of 30 mm thickness,
  • flap elements painted to any RAL color - applies to base
  • custom bases:

o profiled sheet roof base - PR type

o plinth type base - N type

flap elements painted to any RAL color