mcr LAM louvered vents

mcr LAM louvered vents are part of natural smoke exhaust system, with principal purpose of removing hot fire gases outside building. Louvered vents produced by MERCOR are available in wide range of dimensions, types of control system and making options. mcr LAM louvered vents are CE marked in acc. to EN1201-2.

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    • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION – numerous sizes available with 0,8 A actuator
    • COMPRESSED PACKING - even 7-8 layers on one palette
    • HIGH WIND LOAD RATES – WL values certified according to EN 12101-2 up to 4000 Pa
    • BIG RANGE OF DIMENSIONS COVERED BE EN 12 101-2 – wide range of dimensions combined with flexibility gives us almost endless number of intermediate sizes
    • HIGH QUALITY POWDER COATING - aluminium components can be painted in any RAL colour
    POSSIBILITY TO DESIGN INDIVIDUAL JOINTS AND FLANGE DETAILS – it allows per project adjustment to facilitate mounting and limit work load necessary on site

CE parameters acc. to EN 1201-2:

• Re1000 or 300 – operational reliability during 1000/300 cycles of opening and shutting to smoke venting position, and 10 000 cycles to ventilation position (double function vent),
• SL125÷1300 – operational certainty of vent under snow load N/m2
• WL1500÷4000– operational certainty of vent under wind stress equivalent to 1500 Pa ÷ 4000 Pa (depending on type, size and accessories),
• B300 – resistance of vent to high temperature of 300°C,
• T(-25) or T(00) – resistance of vent to low temperature of -25°C or 0°C,

Dimensional range of louvered vents:
• 800 x 500 mm ÷ 3800 x 2500 mm

  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings